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Thursday, June 19

7:30am EDT

8:45am EDT

10:30am EDT

** CANCELLED** CON4.05 – Active eLearning: Adapting Established F2F Teaching Strategies to Fit eLearning Environments A232 CON4.02 – "What Do You Mean I Wrote a C Paper? Writing, Revision, and Self-Regulation" (Room A240) A240 CON4.03 – Undergraduate Research: Not Just a Summer Job! (Room A239) A239 CON4.04 – From Passive to Active Learners: Enhanced Learning & Engaged Students (Room A236) A236 CON4.06 – Transforming faculty learning: Using service design methodology to build the next-generation CTL (Room A333) A333 CON4.07 – Enhancing a Culture of Teaching and Learning at a ‘Teaching-Focused’ University (Room A227) A227 CON4.08 – The Function and Value of the University: Why Are We Here? (Room A334) A334 CON4.09 – Messy Problems and Deep Learning (Room A342) A342 CON4.10 – Blended Learning: Transforming Chronic Wound Care Education (Room A211) A211 CON4.11 – Developing Documentation Standards and Guidelines for Academic Accommodations for Students with Mental Health Disabilities in Post-Secondary Education (Room A207) A207 CON4.12 – Collaborative Development of Rich Cases for Team B (Room A339) A339 CON4.13 – Crossing Boundaries, Transformative Learning: Teaching Community-Based Research (A343) A343 CON4.14 – The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Transforming Institutions Coast to Coast (Room A237) A237 CON4.01 – Alan Blizzard Award Presentation: Curricular and Co-Curricular Leadership Learning for Engineering Students (Room B101, Auditorium) Duncan McArthur Hall, Auditorium

11:30am EDT

CON5.01 – Mindfulness in the Academy – Transforming our Work and Ourselves ‘One Moment at a Time’ (Room A211) A211 CON5.02 – Multiply Exposures + Variety of Ways = In-Depth Learning (Room A342) A342 CON5.03 – If You Build It…Will It Work? Perspectives on Designing, Constructing, and Effectively Using an Interdisciplinary Experiential Lab Environment (Room A339) A339 CON5.04 – Rapport-Building in Teaching Consultations: From Both Sides of the Looking Glass? A334 CON5.05 – “He Just Told Me to Get On With It”: Insights into Transforming Doctoral Writing Development (Room A334) A232 CON5.06 – Transforming Learning Through Celebrating Student Success, University 100 Style-UPEI (Room A236) A236 CON5.07 – Transforming Capacity to Engage: Addressing the Root Challenges that Prevent Academic Integration (Room A317) A317 CON5.08 – Learning to Think, Learning to Learn: Metacognitive Teaching and Learning Strategies for Faculty (Room A207) A207 CON5.09 – Developing an Inquiry Toolkit for Online Learning Environments (Room A239) A239 CON5.10 – Strategies for Transformative Learning Opportunities at the Course, Program and Institutional Levels (Room A240) A240 CON5.11 – Transforming McMaster’s Teaching & Learning Institute By Engaging Students as Partners (Room A343) A343 CON5.12 – Perspectives on Blended Approaches to Faculty Development (Room A237) A237 CON5.13 – Educational Development: New Funding, New Stakes in Higher Education Collaborations (Room A234) A243

12:45pm EDT

1:00pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

CON6.01 – Documenting and Transforming Institutional Teaching Cultures (Room A241-A242) A241/A242 CON6.02 – The Ethics of Collecting "Good" Curriculum Data (Room A227) A227 CON6.03 – Exploring a Model Using Networks and Leadership to Make SoTL Part of an Institution's Fabric (Room A339) A339 CON6.04 – Using Well Structured Cooperative Learning to Develop Active Learners in a Diverse Community (Room A333) A333 CON6.05 – Transforming Classroom Conditions to Support Student Well-being (Room A334) A334 CON6.06 – Welcome to my Classroom: On the Nature of Human (Room A239) A239 CON6.07 – Closing the Circle: Creating Program Assessment Plans to Transform and Enhance the Student Experience (Room A232) A232 CON6.08 – Transforming Language Arts Instruction Through Technology and Collaborative Inquiry (Room A236) A236 CON6.09 – Transforming Teaching and Learning Environments to Increase Inclusion (Room A240) A240 CON6.10 – Transition from a Distance: Delivery of an Online Academic Transition Course to Rural Students (Room A207) A207 CON6.11 – Re-Imagining the Scripts of Formal Academic Settings: Using University Classrooms, Lecture Halls, and Theatres as Risk-Free Rehearsal Spaces for Learning in First-Year Orientation (Room A234) A234 CON6.12 – Entering the Dragon's Den to Teach Entrepreneurship: Using a Taxonomy to Leverage the Learning Value of Reality-Based Television in the Undergraduate Classroom (Room A342) A342 CON6.13 – Transforming Educational Development through Collaboration (Room A237) A237 CON6.14 – Transforming the Role of the Tutorial in Large Classes: From Supplemental To Essential (Room A343) A343 CON6.15 – The Active Learning Ecosystem (Room A211) * SPONSORED BY STEELCASE * A211

3:00pm EDT

CON7.01 – Welcome to My Classroom: Let’s Google That: Using the Web to Engage Students and Promote Information Literacy (Room A227) A227 CON7.02 – MacEngaged: Inspiring Students Towards Innovation, Leadership, and Community Engagement (Room A236) A236 CON7.03 – Developing Observation Skills and Appreciating Diverse Perspectives at the Art Centre: A New Approach for Health Care Professionals (Room A232) A232 CON7.04 – Creating an Accessible Science Laboratory Environment for Students with Disabilities (Room A239) A239 CON7.05 – "Listening for Leaders: Beginning the Pedagogy of Ontology” (Room A207) A207 CON7.06 – The 3M National Teaching Fellowship: Does Evidence = Impact? (Room A241-A242) A241/A242 CON7.07 – Integrated Testlets: A Powerful Multiple-Choice Testing Platform for Assessing Deeper Knowledge (Room A317) A317 CON7.08 – A Relational Perspective: Using Drama Theory to Transform Instructor-Student Engagement (Room A333) A333 CON7.10 – (Not So) General Education: Innovative Practices in Field-Based, Experiential Learning (Room A339) A339 CON7.11 – Using Faculty Panels for Assessment of Program Learning Outcomes (Room A342) A342 CON7.12 – Overcoming Pedagogical Solitude: The Transformative Power of Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) (Room A240) A240 CON7.13 – Transferable Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate Education (Room A343) A343 CON7.14 – Creating an Effective Framework for Multi-Institution New Faculty Development (Room A237) A237 CON7.15 – ePedagogy and Our Faculty Learning Community: Designing Innovative and Effective Online Modules for University Courses (Room A243) A243 CON7.09 – Transforming Writing Assignment Prompts to Increase Student Engagement (Room A334) * SPONSORED BY: UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS * A334

4:00pm EDT

6:00pm EDT


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