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Stéphane-D. Perreault

Red Deer College
Instructor in History
Red Deer, AB
I am an educator and historian; I deeply believe historical analysis has the power to help us understand the world we live in and to contribute to make it better. I have been active in the field of undergraduate education for twenty years, in both colleges and universities in Ontario, in Québec, and in Alberta. Students can become agents of change when given a chance to acquire the skills to find and analyse information, and to relate it to their past as well as their present.
My research interests have been informed by a desire to better understand how mainstream society determines social expectations and norms. For this, I have explored the history of deaf people as a cultural and linguistic minority in Canada in the nineteenth and twentieth century. I have been drawing parallels between their historical experience and that of other groups, such as sexual minorities and Aboriginal peoples (the latter particularly in regards to their similar experience of residential schooling and cultural dominance by another group). This preoccupation with minority populations and cultural dynamics informs my teaching. By highlighting the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion, I have been working towards more and more inclusion in my classes.
I have started a research project that explores the impact that theories of information fluency and literacy have on the teaching of history at the undergraduate level. This research aims to explore the differences in perceptions of history between Aboriginal and settlers to North America, and how a heightened awareness of these differences could help us develop a more inclusive and open approach to teaching history at the undergraduate level. This interdisciplinary research has the potential to make my own teaching more impactful.