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Wednesday, June 18

2:30pm EDT

CON2.01 – Welcome to My Classroom: Integrated First-Year Experience, Day 1: Frames and Foundations (Room A241/242) A241/A242 CON2.02 – Delivering an Interdisciplinary Curriculum Via Research Projects: How to Make it Work (Room A239) A239 CON2.03 – A Bilingual, Online, Interactive, Learning Tool for Organic Chemistry (Room A232) A232 CON2.04 – But What About the Campus? The Place of Physical Learning Spaces in an Increasingly Virtual World (Room A227) A227 CON2.05 – Enhancing Registered Nurse Job Readiness Through Constructive Alignment and Standardization in Simulation Design (Room A342) A342 CON2.06 – Including Students in the Learning Experience: How Reflective Writing Assignments can be Used to Help Students Engage with Course Content (Room A211) A211 CON2.07 – The Importance of the Faculty/Student Relationship in the Experiences of Graduate Students with Disabilities in Canadian Postsecondary Education (Room A207) A207 CON2.08 – Going Beyond “Interactive Teaching”: Practical Approaches to Building a Community of Practice in the First Year Science Classroom (Room A339) A339 CON2.09 – How Far Can We Go? Engaging University Students in the Construction of their Education (Room A334) A334 CON2.10 – The Road Less Traveled? Pathways from Passivity to Agency in Student Learning (Room A333) A334 CON2.11 – Exploring Best Peer Review of Teaching Practices (A240) A240 CON2.12 – Small-Group, Online, Peer-Driven Learning: The “Pod” Phenomenon (Room A343) A343

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