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Wednesday, June 18

4:00pm EDT

**CANCELLED** BOOK LAUNCH: Learning and Teaching Community Based Research: Linking Pedagogy to Practice McArthur Hall POSTER.01 – Video-based Dissection Guides: A Supplemental Modality to Enhance Dissection-based Human Anatomy Education McArthur Hall POSTER.02 – The Learner-Centredness Project McArthur Hall POSTER.03 – The Importance of Personality Types in the Classroom and its Effects on Teaching and Learning McArthur Hall POSTER.04 – Identifying the Outliers: A Tool for Assessing Grader Consistency within Large Classes McArthur Hall POSTER.05 – Examining the Effects of Group Discussions on Actively Open-Minded Thinking in Active Learning Classroom McArthur Hall POSTER.06 – Experiential Learning in Undergraduate Nursing Education: Creating a Community of Discovery McArthur Hall POSTER.07 – Impact of the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at the University of British Columbia McArthur Hall POSTER.08 – Place, Presence and Possibility: What Makes a Good Classroom Supporting Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century? McArthur Hall POSTER.09 – Implementing Online Student Ratings of Instruction: Exploring the Mechanisms of Change through Social Psychological Theory McArthur Hall POSTER.10 – Building WALS (Western Active Learning Space) McArthur Hall POSTER.11 – Mapping Conceptualizations and Indicators of Quality McArthur Hall POSTER.12 – Growing Smarter Nurses: Partnering to Improve Information Literacy Skills and to Pilot Use of Smart Devices in Clinical Placements McArthur Hall POSTER.13 – Expanding Students' Understanding of Diversity: Through the Lens of Client Experience McArthur Hall POSTER.14 – The Formative Evaluation of the Tri Council Policy Statement 2 (TCPS 2) Research Ethics Education Program McArthur Hall POSTER.15 – Turning Passive Students into Active Learners through Simulation: Using Standardized Patients to Enhance Interprofessional Infection Control Education for Prelicensure Physiotherapy, Nursing and Medical... McArthur Hall POSTER.16 – Critical Enquiry: Peer-to-Peer Teaching in Medical School McArthur Hall POSTER.17 – Hybrid Teaching of a Transdisciplinary Capstone Course in Child and Youth Development: A Case Study McArthur Hall POSTER.18 – Preparing and Supporting Faculty Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms: Best Practices and Lessons Learned/ing McArthur Hall POSTER.19 – Measuring Students' Acquisition of Sustainability Skills and Knowledge McArthur Hall POSTER.20 – Initial Findings of a Teaching Skills Workshop Program: The Power and Potential of Learning Groups McArthur Hall POSTER.21 – Learning Geological Mapping and Map Making for Undergraduates: Crucial, Transformational and Future-Proof? McArthur Hall POSTER.22 – What Do We Mean By Open: A TOOC vs. the Prevalent McArthur Hall POSTER.23 – Fostering Student Engagement: Using CPS in Small Group Facilitations McArthur Hall POSTER.24 – Students as Key Stakeholders: Exploring Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Teaching and Learning in an Introductory Organic Chemistry Course McArthur Hall POSTER.25 – The Impact of Physical Space on Teaching and Learning McArthur Hall POSTER.26 – Fostering Active Learning and Leadership Through Student-Run Publications McArthur Hall POSTER.27 – Augustana’s e-Portfolio Pilot: Lessons Learned McArthur Hall POSTER.28 – Integrating Practical Research in the Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum: A Motivational Approach to Enhance Learning McArthur Hall

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